bkfa10Several of our members attended the recent tenth anniversary of the Birthing Kit Foundation Australia, which is funded by the Government (AusAID) in partnership with Zonta who funds 50% of costs and the rest of the organisation is funded by donations.
The Birthing Kit Foundation (Australia) works with organisations and communities to provide a clean birthing environment for women in developing countries in order to reduce the incidence of infant and maternal mortality.

Adelaide Flinders Zonta Club conducts birthing kit days to assemble the kits, the last one being conducted in conjunction with St Joseph’s Education Centre.

The Birthing Kit Foundation also provides education to the communities they donate birthing kits to and train local women to use and distribute them.

The birthing kit includes the following:
• Plastic bag for the mother to lie on and keep the baby away from  contact of the ground
• Soap for clean hands
• Scapel blade for a clean cut on the umbilical cord
• Gloves for clean hands and to avoid germs transferring onto the baby
• Gauzes to clean the babies’ eyes
• Cord to prevent bleeding of the umbilical cord