2022-2024 Board Installation by Area 2 Director, Chris Frick on 18 May 2022. L_R Lorraine Omond. Lindy Berketa. Eronwy Edwards, Chris Frick, Melanie Roberts, Lesley Siegloff, Marcia Hakendorf, Heather Smigiel, Julie Hayford. (absent Lisa Mulvaney, Sarah Taylor)

Co-Presidents:        Lindy Berketa and Lorraine Omond
Vice President:        Eronwy Edwards
Treasurer:                  Lisa Mulvaney
Secretary:                 Julie Hayford    

Marcia Hakendorf
Jessica Knight
Lesley Siegloff
Heather Smigiel
Sarah Taylor
Membership Committee
Chair: Jill Welsh – Marianne Kidd (Fellowship) , Sharon Vale, Carolyn Colquhoun, Sherry Proferes
XYZ: Susan MacDonald, Cintra Amos
Advocacy Committee
Chair: Lesley Siegloff – Marcia Hakendorf, Sharon Vale, Kathie Guy, Jenny Hunter
Awards and Scholarships
Chair: Lindy Berketa
Woman of Inspiration Award: Lindy Berketa, Lorraine Omond, Jill Welsh
YWPA Scholarship: Sue Lear
Jane Klausman Scholarship: TBA
Science and Technology Scholarship: TBA
Service Committee
Chair: Heather Smigiel
Breast Cushions: Sarah Cunningham
Food and Conversation: Lindy Berketa, Lorraine Omond, Heather Smigiel
Toiletry Bags, Emergency Vouchers, Gifts of Love, Western Women’s Shelter Support: Isobel McFarlane
Birthing Kits: Sue Lear
Sewing Circle: Lesley Siegloff, Isobel McFarlane, Marcia Hakendorf
Program Committee
Chair: Jessica Knight, Susan McDonald, Sharon Vale, Isobel McFarlane (Dinner meeting bookings, attendance and venue liaison)
Fundraising Committee
Chair: Sarah Taylor – all members involved with fundraising
Movie Lead: Jill Welsh
Entertainment Books: Isobel McFarlane
Garage Sale and Sausage Sizzles: Lindy Berketa
PR & Communication and Newsletter
Chair: Eronwy Edwards
Newsletter: Kae Martin, Kathie Guy, Jenny Hunter, Bernadette Egan
Facebook: Cintra Amos, Eronwy Edwards
Web Master: Eronwy Edwards
Correspondence: Cintra Amos
Parliamentarian:  Margaret Rowland
Public Officer: Cintra Amos
Archives and History: Carolyn Colquhoun, Lesley Siegloff, Eronwy Edwards