The Club held a Breast Cushion Assembly Workshop on Thursday 10th December, where nine diligent members came together to assemble as many cushions as possible.  With lots of pre-sewing before the day, thank you to Sue and Sarah, we reached a magnificent 106 cushions in various stages of stuffing & wrapping !!  Sarah will be undertaking a quality control review  before delivering pre Christmas to Calvary, Western Community, QEH, Mt Gambier & Cancer Council.

The venue, 19 on Green worked really well. with distancing provisions well catered for.   Sarah, the project coordinator kept the wheels of progress constantly turning, from the sewing machine operators to the ‘stuffers’ and wrappers ensuring we were all well organised whilst entertaining us with her ‘melodic’ voice that could be heard above all else, even though masked  it still carried across the room with lots of health education & tips!

Well done team, what a fantastic success.